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Spiritually and somewhat physically.
Artificial Intelligence is shaping the future of gemology, which is something I’ve been interested in studying for several years now. As someone who has…
A lovely variety of beryl
What is Jeremejevite and how much is it worth?Watch now (59 sec) | Jeremejevite is a rare crystal, and I am fortunate enough to have some in my collection to share with y'all. This small set of 10…
There are many ways people create jewelry, and metalwork is popular. One form of jewelry, wire wrapping, is what I do, and it doesn’t require any heat…
I am starting a new job and have to relocate to another city for a few weeks, so I will be unable to ship orders during this time period. To celebrate…
Took A Trip In April To Nature's Treasures in Austin
and protects against EMFs.
Zoomed in shots of Fluorite cubes
Pyrite up closePyrite is a neat mineral that has a lot of uses from jewelry to being mined for gold and to even producing iron needed to treat anemia.
Quantum Quattro consists of 5 minerals